Welcome to my blog…

I am on a journey of discovery – of self, ideas, places, friends and adventures.

Like most people I am a creature of unconscious habits.  As a result of this, now in my mid-fifties, I find myself STUCK!  In the past I have drifted from job to job, with little direction or inspiration.  I had not discovered my true passion.

For some time No.1 Son told me I needed to start a blog – but nothing concrete eventuated.  I had no “why”, “how” or “what”.  But his insistence started the thought process.  I wondered what I – little me – could contribute to this world.  People often say that I write great letters – and I enjoy writing them.  The seed was planted, but what I thought was “life” got in the way.  Once again nothing happened!

My light-bulb moment came when I read a magazine advertisement for a Creative Writing Course.  Was this the opportunity I had been waiting for?  With nothing to lose I became a student again (although I have never really thought of myself as a student, even at school!).

The course has sparked my interest in life again.  In the last twelve months I have done a LOT of reading and exposed myself to new people and ideas.  Seemingly endless hours of thought have helped me realise that my current day job, whilst enjoyable, is not fulfilling.  This has been the catalyst for my change of direction.

Through my new passion (yes I have finally found one) for writing, I am discovering new ways to live my life.  No.1 Son is adding to my already high pile of books to read – these are also aiding my journey.  I have given myself permission to have some peaceful “me” time – thinking time, if you wish.  I am following an unknown road, but I like the idea of where that road can lead me.

This blog will consist of regular updates of my journey down that unknown road. I will be posting some of the writing from my course, and will include links to blogs, books and people that I feel will be helpful on your own journey of discovery.  I will share any ideas and information which has made a difference to me.  I am looking forward to our many conversations!

I am on a journey of discovery.  Why don’t you come with me?


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