Time Out

Hi “strangers”!  I’m back with you again.  It’s been a “different” month since I last offered up my thoughts to you.  Apologies for going AWOL for so long.  No excuses, but I have been sorting out a few issues – with life in general.  Sometimes you just have to look after No.1 – do things for yourself, assess where you are at, where you are heading – or more importantly where you would like to head – and what you need to do to get there.

The last few weeks have certainly thrown a few things into the ring.  Lots of questions have been asked – not all have been answered, but some have.  I have cried (a lot), laughed, slept (a lot!) and found I am quite good at something I had never before contemplated.  But most of all I have given myself time – time to rest, to think, to explore new opportunities, to get back on track.  I feel much better – and more positive!

However you will be pleased to hear that during my time out I have maintained my commitment to my daily three pages – much cheaper and much better than any “therapist”.  And serious progress has been made with decluttering my home!  Oh yes, I am convinced that throwing things out has actually helped me become clearer about where I am heading.

I will add to the Declutter Diary in the next couple of days – I have LOTS to tell you!

Two great things have come out of the last few weeks.  The first is that I realise I now have the confidence to stand up for myself – not be pushed around, or allow myself to be someone that others think I should be.   Yes, other people’s opinions are important, but when it comes to others’ opinions of you – does it really matter?  I may come up with a good answer for that another day!

Secondly – and I shouldn’t be surprised about this – my 21 year old No.1 Son has been amazing.  He’s been my rock, my ally, chief adviser on negotiating, job applications and interview techniques, great crusader for positive outcomes in life – and he’s a mean cook too!  There have been many times over the last few months when he could have said “Enough”, but he’s been my punching bag (not physically!) and a very broad shoulder to cry on.  Where does a 21 year old gain such understanding and wisdom – and be willing to support unconditionally?  He’s the love of my life.

It’s great to be back amongst you and I am looking forward to writing more posts for you.  I’ve had some really lovely comments and encouragement from so many of you.  Thanks to you all.  xx



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