I Love Decluttering!

Well you’re probably thinking I have left the country again – but NO!  I am still here – well and truly getting stuck into decluttering my home/life, as planned.  I’m absolutely LOVING IT!!  I still have a long way to go but I’m reaping the benefits already.

Have you made a start on your decluttering project yet?  If not, what is stopping you?  The two biggest “prohibitors” in our lives are time and money.  However the beauty of decluttering is that it can be done in small time blocks – with little or no financial outlay.  These points are outlined in my decluttering plan.

Here are the benefits I have noticed since committing to my plan.

  • Just starting has given me further motivation to do more, and I often spend more than my 20 minute time allocation
  • I come home from work eager to start on the next phase
  • I am now seeing spaces in my garage that I didn’t expect to see so soon
  • I love working in my “new” office and look forward to refining my filing system
  • I am learning to look at my possessions through a “different filter”
  • I feel “lighter”

I am sure that with good planning and some hard yakka you too can achieve similar outcomes in a short space of time.  I have been totally suprised at my progress, and how easily I have conquered the “letting go” inhibitor.  Just today I was emptying a box of clothes (my 20 minute allocation) and sorted them into “keep, give away & toss” piles.  I felt so good afterwards that I continued on to another cupboard, and now have a huge pile to give away, a larger pile of old clothes for my mechanic to use as oil rags, and the rubbish bin is full to the brim!

If you have made a start on your ‘clutterless’ journey I really want to hear about your progress and what benefits you have gained so far.  Please leave a comment below letting me know how your commitment to a clutter free life is coming along.  I’m keen to learn any tips you have as well – we can all learn from each others’ methods.

However, if the task seems just so daunting that you don’t know where to start then think about this.

What would your life look like without clutter?”

To deal with this question you can break it up into smaller parts….

  • What would your bathroom look like without all the excess makeup, nearly empty bottles of shampoo or moisturiser?
  • How would it feel to work at your desk with only the items you need to complete the task at hand?
  • What would your garden shed look like if you threw out all the broken pots, nearly empty bags of potting mix, and hundreds of seedling punnets you keep, just in case…..?

All you have to do is START – focus on one small area (how about your handbag – there MUST be something in there you can throw out?)  It’s really that easy!  Read my plan as mentioned above (click on the link) and just start.

I guarantee it will be liberating just to COMMIT to starting.


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